Authorities seize 1.8 million euros in illegal software

تصادر IGAC أجهزة الكمبيوتر مع 30،000 ملف موسيقى قيد التشغيل لمكافحة القرصنة

(Corrected) In the first six months of the year, more than a thousand inspections were carried out by the Portuguese authorities. Companies, commercial establishments and economic agents were visited by the authorities in search of software illegal. The searches carried out resulted in 70 seizures, involving 364 PCs.

THE software seized illegally would be worth about 1.8 million euros if it were legal, explains Manuel Cerqueira, president of ASSOFT – Associação Portuguesa de Software, which divulges the information.

The inspection operations were carried out in 90 counties in 18 districts of the continent and allowed to conclude that the least compliant sectors are archeology, architecture, construction, consultancy, driving schools, studios, printers, press and advertising.

The head of the association will refer to the numbers at the Global Play Fair Day, an initiative created by Microsoft that aims to promote the protection of Intellectual Property and the improper and illegal use of goods and products that require a license.

Editorial note: The news was corrected to modify the information regarding the period of the referred inspections. The first information released to the press referred to a period of three months. A second statement corrected that the thousand inspections were finally carried out over a period of six months.