Autel EVO II drones announced as best in the world – know more

THE Autel announced during CES 2020 its line of drones EVO II It consists of three models, with products that should fight as the best options on the market for the public in search of high quality drones in all aspects, with 8K and 6K resolution cameras, as well as 48MP and 20MP photo sensors. that is best in technology. It also launched versions with dual cameras, the main one being 8K and a second thermal camera intended for security use.

Autel EVO II Drone Official Website

The EVO II drones bring incredible specifications also in other features, we list below the main ones we commented on the video:

Technologies shared between all models:– 12 computational sensors capturing 360 degrees with AI processing for added protection (Autel promises to capture up to 30 meters by sensors) – 2 sonar sensors – Control distance up to 9km without flight restriction – Flight autonomy up to 40 minutes- FullHD resolution transmission to phone screen- Maximum speed 72km / h- Lower landing and takeoff LEDs- Dynamic Track 2.0 technology to track objects- Control with LCD display

Prices and availability not yet announced

Autel EVO II model– 8K camera with 4x zoom – 120 Mbits + 10-bit color – 4K footage with HDR – 48MP 1 "CMOS sensor – F / 2.8 aperture

Autel EVO II Pro Model– 6K ISO 6400- 120 Mbits + 10-bit color camera- 2.7K 120fps resolution slow-motion footage- 4K footage with HDR- 20 "1" CMOS sensor- F / 2.8 at F11 aperture

Autel EVO II Dual model (2 variants with thermal camera change)Main camera: – 8K camera with 4x zoom – 120 Mbits + 10-bit color – 4K footage with HDR – 1 "48MP CMOS sensor – F / 2.8 aperture

640×512 or 320x256px Thermal-FLIR LWR Camera

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