Australian bank gives in to customer pressure and adopts Apple Pay

Australian bank gives in to customer pressure and adopts Apple Pay

After the implementation of the Apple Pay In the United States, in 2015, one of the first countries to receive Ma's mobile payment service was Australia.

Unlike what the company planned, however, some banks in the country not only declined the offer but also filed an application with the Australian Competition Regulatory Agency (ACCC) to negotiate a solution regarding the restriction of Apple's service.

Among them was the Commonwealth Bank, one of the largest financial institutions in Australia that, since 2016, has not even indicated that it would adopt Apple Pay until now. After several years of dispute with Ma over fees and access to iPhones' NFC chip, the company said it "listened to its customers" and will adopt Ma's payment service next month.

Apple Pay is coming to individual CommBank customers in January 2019 🙌🎉

As we said, in addition to the Commonwealth Bank, Australian banks National Australia Bank (NAB) and Westpac also collectively negotiated with Apple to open up the iPhone's NFC capabilities so that the device would also support the digital wallets they offer. Apple, however, argued that the institutions' stance was detrimental to consumers and would delay innovations in the country.

Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ) was the only one of Australia's four major banks willing to do business with Apple and support the feature, adopting it in April 2016. Dozens of smaller banks then followed suit too way; but this is the first time that another major institution in the country has decided to adopt the service.

The head of Ma's payment system, Jennifer Bailey, celebrated the novelty, proving that Ma was not resentful of the imbroglio between companies:

Apple Pay is the world's first mobile contactless payment service and we are excited that Commonwealth Bank customers will soon be able to benefit from a convenient and secure way to pay using the Apple devices they love or within their favorite apps and on the web .

More details on when (specifically) the service will be offered have not been released in January, at least, not past.

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