Aurora is a color picker made for developers

Aurora app

If you are up to date on design trends, then you have probably heard of “color palettes”. The combination of multiple similar / complementary colors is used to convey the idea of ​​harmony, whether on a website, image or visual identity.

Performing this combination with the naked eye is practically impossible, but luckily there are software that do just that, like the Aurora. The app is available for iOS, iPadOS, watchOS and macOS, and it is possible to import images to discover its color palette.

In the iPhone / iPad version, you can point the camera at an object and see the color pattern in real time. On the Apple Watch, in turn, you can check the code and color of the searched color palette from the iPhone’s camera, as well as create your own selection – all in a practical and intuitive way.

Although these functions can be used by almost anyone, the app has some specific features for developers, such as the display of codes in CSS and Swift for the detected colors.

It is also possible to manually search for colors, replace tones in an image, change the brightness and saturation of a color, among other features. In addition, Aurora displays suggested color palettes, including the productions of Pantone and the Crayola – two major references for color standards in the industry.

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