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Not many games can be both fun and relaxing at the same time. Auralux offers fun gameplay and an unusual audiovisual experience. Learn more through our review today.

Functions & Usage

Auralux starts with a sun and a large number of units. The same goes for the computer you play against. The objective is to send the units you have to occupy the free or conquer those of the opponent, who, of course, will defend himself and at times attack.

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<p style=To be successful it will be necessary to calculate the number of units required, bearing in mind that one must not only defeat the opponent, but also occupy the ground of the conquered unit.

This all sounds little fun, but once you start playing you realize that the game is quite engaging. Everything happens in real time and there is so much time to think, facts that make the game even more exciting.

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<p style=There is also a strategic aspect that must be taken into account. The important thing is to adopt the best strategy to beat the computer, which makes it very difficult over the course of matches.

Screen & Controls

Auralux controls are intuitive and easy to learn. The ground to be attacked and the units to do so are selected with a tap or a slide across the screen. With two fingers it is possible to zoom the screen to the area of ​​interest.

The graphic part is very interesting and will be even more on high definition screens. Even the soundtrack is worth a mention as it is very relaxing. So be sure to play with headphones. An interesting detail: zooming in on the planets increases the volume of the music.

Speed ​​& Stability

Auralux did not present us with any problems during our tests. It all happened smoothly on the two devices we tested with, a Galaxy Note 2 and a Tab 10.

Price / Performance Ratio

Auralux can be purchased for free on Google Play. Complementary levels can be purchased, but the free ones are already enough for fun.

Final Verdict

Auralux has a fairly simple gameplay, but it requires some tactical wit and speed of reaction and thought. Although there are paid levels, the free levels are already on the errand account and guarantee fun for a long time.

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