Audit certifies security of AR computer system

يتوقع OE خفض 50 ٪ في تكاليف الاتصالات في الشركات العامة

The study was carried out by an independent audit after seven months ago, some deputies filed a complaint stating that e-mails and websites consulted in the Assembly of the Republic were monitored.

The news is reported today by the Público newspaper and mentions the chairman of the AR board of directors, José Lello. According to the same source, the study concludes that «there is no situation of intrusion of confidentiality» and that «the computer system is secure and has many guarantees».

The general secretary will have already put into practice some of the report’s recommendations that are «purely technical», José Lello told the same newspaper.

The report was requested from Instituto Superior Técnico and its content should not be discussed by the board of directors.

The newspaper also says that the audit report does not seem to reassure parliamentarians and quotes a deputy who did not want to be identified as saying that «it is a shame that when I access my webmail in a sovereign body, a message appears saying that I am going for an unsecured connection «. The same accuses the lack of backups of the system to safeguard the information.