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Audiophile praises AirPods Pro, even classifying sound as "OK"

We already have a video making a tour by the main news and features of the AirPods Pro, and we will soon post a full review of Ma's headphones. Still, it's always nice to have varying perspectives on a particular product, so there's nothing better than listening to one. audifilo Cardholder giving his opinion on Apple's latest hearing creation.

That's exactly what made the YouTuber Quinn Nelsonfrom the channel Snazzy labs. Nelson, who ranks traditional AirPods as β€œthe best mediocre headphones in existence,” reviewed the news brought by the new Apple model and compared it to the only other headset on the market that features its two main features (in-ear tips and active cancellation). noise): the Sony WF-1000XM3.

In the opinion of YouTuberAirPods Pro noise cancellation is competent, performing its function well in environments with constant noises (such as an airplane), but without the same efficiency in places with irregular noise, such as a crowded cafeteria. It is also worth watching the video if only to see (and hear) Nelson's demonstration of the operation of the resource in its two modes, that of Active Cancellation of Noises it's the Transparency mode (which Apple also calls Ambient mode) and don't forget to put the headphones on!

The sound quality of the headphones, in turn, was rated β€œOK”, delivering performance expected from Apple's history and good voice-playing competency (which makes AirPods Pro great for calls or podcasts, according to Nelson ).

That's, of course, not everything: the analyzer believes that Sony's headphones outperform Ma's with slack in sound quality and noise cancellation (even with a noticeable drop in playback quality with the feature turned on). Still, Nelson doesn't forgive the WF-1000XM3's shortcomings, such as the drop in connection, the clumsy, heavy design, the significantly larger case, and the app, which he considered terrible.

Because of this, the YouTuber rated the AirPods Pro as the best fully wireless headphones on the market Although their sound basically won't impress anyone, the ease of use and clever design of the accessories are enough to please the vast majority of users.

What do you think?

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