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Audiobooks will now be played within the iBooks app on iOS 8.4

As we reported yesterday, Apple released the first beta version of iOS 8.4 for developers. The main change was due to the reformulation of the application Music (Music).

Audiobooks on iOS 8.4

Due to this restructuring, starting from iOS 8.4 audiobooks (audiobooks) leave the Music app and go to iBooks (which makes a lot more sense since, even if it’s audio, we’re talking about books), as the MacRumors.

Audiobooks on iOS 8.4

In addition to now having a player (adapted to the needs of an audiobook; therefore different from what we see in the Music app), the iBooks app also has a specific category (menu) to show only your audiobooks on the digital shelf, browsing chapters, various options for timer rest, sharing via social networks, etc.

Audiobooks on CarPlay (iOS 8.4)

Audiobooks also arrived at CarPlay, as we can see in the image above shared by 9to5Mac. As they are now reproduced by iBooks, this is the icon that we see prominently in Apple's automotive interface.