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Audio inputs from the new MacBooks are incompatible with certain headphones

In the new MacBooks (+ Pro) launched in October last year, Apple introduced a redesigned audio input, which allows a more efficient connection of its microphone-equipped headphones, which it launched a month earlier. The problem is that several Apple forums users are reporting problems with these inputs, claiming incompatibility with other models of headphones and even with certain speakers.

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According to some of the messages found in the topics, even the smoothest movement made with the cable connected to the computer able to interrupt the connection of the headset / speaker of the laptop with the Mac – even if the cable remains connected to the input – making the sound be redirected to your speakers. The audio input design is adapted for cables with four audio conductors and only allows a secure connection if it is completely attached to the input, according to one of the users.

What is happening is that not all models of speakers and headphones have cables capable of being completely plugged into this new input, as their connectors do not have the shape capable of satisfying their space and shape. Thus, a minimum space (about 0.5 mm) that the connector will leave loose due to any movement that is already capable of interrupting the electronic connection with the computer. In the image below, you can compare the connectors of Apple products with the market standard:

Comparison of Apple audio cables with the market standard model

Below, two videos also explain this incompatibility:

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The reason the audio input format has been modified is related to the inclusion of microphones in the latest Apple headset models. Therefore, if you have one of the new MacBooks, it is advisable to pay attention to the format of the accepted connector when purchasing a new audio device.