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Imagine the following scene: You have just come home after a stressful day, sit in your favorite armchair with a cup of tea or coffee and decide to read a good book. But it's so tired that you'd rather someone read the book to you, while your eyes are closed tightly. How about, then, have an audiobook app on your smartphone? We thought of one and decided to review it. Your name: Audible for Android. Check out!

Functions & Usage

Device: Samsung Galaxy NexusAndroid version: 4.1.2Root: NoMods: NoThe permissions seem to be quite appropriate, although the request to read the phone's status and identity is noteworthy. If you are one of those who enjoy reading and even more reading in English, then this is your app.

To access Audible for Android's extensive database, you will need to register. There is, of course, an unregistered access option, but if you are no longer just curious and start using the app often, we recommend that you create your account. For those with an Amazon account, there is no need to create an in-app account. In theory, because we did a test with our Amazon account and access was not successful … finally, we had to create an account in Audible.

Buying audiobooks is very easy. Just click on the shopping cart at the top of the screen to access a large list from which to search bestsellers or other categories. The book downloads in the background, even as we begin to listen to the book being downloaded. It is worth mentioning that the quality of audiobooks is excellent. The player comes with all the basic features such as fast forward, rewind, 30 second forward or even skipping entire chapters.

Bookmarks can be set, which is very useful as you can bookmark your favorite passages from a particular book. And by looking at the details of the book, you'll get general information about it, including even a synopsis.

The app offers a number of functions that surprised us. There are different ways of playing a book, that is, at different times. This can be a great tool for those who are learning the English language and want to hear everything a little more slowly. Another last resort is automatic suspend, from which it is possible to set a time interval at which playback ceases. If you are thinking of listening to a sleeping book, this feature is what there is.

But, in our view, the most interesting of the app is the Navigator. It is an alternative user interface that allows quick and easy access to all the most important control elements. Just dragging your finger across the screen already means playback control.

You can still set up your own library and sort it by newer books, title, author, or duration. Finally, you can customize your experience as a user through settings and manage playback, download, and headset options.

Conclusion:Audible for Android really impressed us a lot. The book catalog is very broad, the audio quality is good and the application is very easy to use. What more can you ask? Yes, there is something to ask for: audiobooks in Portuguese …

Screen & Controls

Audible for Android is all practically structured, which makes the app a sweet treat in terms of use. The search function allows you to find audiobooks quickly and easily. The intuitive app and Navigator is an amazing audio tool, mainly due to its useful functions and simple controls.

Speed ​​& Stability

Audible for Android worked very well and gave us no problem. Download books relatively fast.

Price / Performance Ratio

Audible for Android is available for download from the AndroidPIT App Center and the best: free.