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Audi presents E-Tron, electric scooter and skateboard mix

Audi has recently unveiled the E-Tron, a skateboard-skating mix capable of reaching a top speed of 20 km / h.

This differentiated electric scooter comes with a one-handed handle and to control the direction it is necessary to use one's own body weight.

According to Audi, this vehicle meets the need for a specific group, those who live in blocks of major cities.


Model promises autonomy of up to 30km, besides being compatible with Mi Home

The E-tron, according to the company, meets the legal requirements for circulation. It has LED safety lights, a headlight, tail light and brake light. The vehicle also has hydraulic brake.

In addition, modifications are being implemented via Bluetooth to make it more secure and to make personal preference adjustments. The company also highlights the portability of the product by showing the possibility of carrying it by subways and sidewalks in city centers.

The E-tron weighs 12 kg and can be folded and carried inside the car, bus and train.

Already his battery lasts long enough to travel the distance of 20 km, because he has a system that can store part of the cynical energy when braked.

Audi's plan to popularize the E-Tron by 2020, making it available to the final consumer for the price of 2000 euros each. Converting to our currency, the value is around 9 thousand reais.

Below is a description of Audi about the product:

"With a new e-scooter concept, Audi is responding to the urban trend of multimodal mobility. The Audi e-tron Scooter, combining the advantages of electric scooter and skateboarding, designed for sports riders."

Here in Brazil we follow the growing scooters and shared bikes and, although some people have their doubts, wondering if this model brings a solution or a problem, that's how a lot of people got used to driving an electric scooter. Recently, Xiaomi has even brought one of its models to c, for the price of $ 4000.

Source: Audi