Federal Revenue Auction

Auction of the IRS has iPhone XS for R $ 700!

Interested in buying an iPhone for a much more attractive price than usual? So get ready, because we have another auction of IRS stuffed with Apple smartphones!

As always, products are seized for entering the country illegally (without due taxes paid) – this time, they were picked up in the Northern Region and include not only iPhones and iPads, but also several Xiaomi phones, consoles such as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, GoPro cameras, among others. We, of course, will focus on what interests us. ?

Here are the lots and their contents:

  • Lot 37: 64GB iPad Pro 12.9 ″ (old model), Apple Pencil (first generation) and Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite by R $ 1,000;
  • Lot 47: 64GB iPhone 6, Wacom One tablet and accessories by R $ 1,000;
  • Lot 64: 27 ″ iMac, Samsung LED TV 65 ″, Samsung LED 55 ″ TV and 1,200 CD holders per R $ 7,500;
  • Lot 65: 2 128GB iPhones 7, 10 Samsung Galaxy J8 Duos and 280 Blu phones per R $ 5,000;
  • Lot 93: iPhone XS 64GB per R $ 700;
  • Lot 95: iPhone X 64GB, iPhone XR (capacity not reported) and 2 AirPods (apparently first generation) per R $ 1,800;
  • Lot 108: 9.7 ″ iPad (fifth generation) and Apple Pencil (first generation) by R $ 950;
  • Lot 118: iPhone X 64GB per R $ 850;
  • Lot 119: iPhone 7 Plus (refurbished, capacity not reported) by R $ 600;
  • Lot 122: iPhone 7 Plus 256GB per R $ 350.

Federal Revenue Auction

The products are not guaranteed and are not sent to the buyer’s home – everything must be removed in person. It is also necessary to pay ICMS and comply with any Anatel requirements.

How to participate?

The auction will accept proposals until June 24, at 6 pm; the bidding session itself is scheduled for June 25 at 4pm. Recalling that it is necessary to register on the agency’s website and have a digital certification to bid.

Usually, part of the amount collected from the auction goes to Social Security, while another part goes to Fundaf (Fund for the Development of Tax Activities, which finances inspection activities).

The notice establishes that an individual may submit a proposal for a maximum of two cell phones. The auctioned goods “may only be used or consumed, their commercial destination being forbidden”; However, legal entities can resell the products.

via Tecnoblog