[Atualizado] PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 beta is now available

[Atualizado] PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 beta is now available

After the false alarm with the recent arrival of the 0.14.5 stable version of PUBG Mobile, we can finally try one of the new game modes announced through the beta. Payload mode adds heavy weaponry in the form of bazookas and pilotable helicopters, in addition to special loot boxes to find this type of equipment and radio antennas with which to resurrect fellow fellows.

(Updated (10/16/2019)) Update 0.15 is now available for the stable version of the game, adding new features like a dynamic to grab and climb in parkour.

What is Payload mode?

The new game mode takes place in Evoground, as well as other previous modes, such as 0.14 Infection Mode and Survive the Night and its collaboration with Resident Evil. In this case, as we said, one of the most requested wishes by players is fulfilled regarding the presence of air vehicles, adding a new strategic cover to the formula where teamwork is essential to be able to control these vehicles and the areas with special loot boxes.

List of changes from version 0.15

Still, this is not the only change. These are the new weapons and changes discovered so far:

  • Two new weapons: MP5K and Desert Eagle
  • UMP9 is now called UMP45. Now uses .45 caliber ammunition, the capacity goes from 30/40 to 25/35 and the speed of bullets from 400M / S to 300M / S
  • Vector now uses 9MM ammunition, the capacity goes from 12/25 to 19/33, the speed of the bullets increases from 300M / S to 380M / S and the damage reduces from 33 to 31.
  • Adjustments to other weapons, including the holographic sights of pistols that now share accessories with SMG. Still, the Billet Loops are combined and now they are called Ammo Loops for shotguns, Win94 and Kar98.
  • Fragmentation grenades now support skins
  • Added graffiti
  • New animation when opening a resource box in the store
  • Now, when entering training mode, you can choose between first or third person mode
  • New vehicle: BRDM-2. It is only possible to obtain through air support with diamond.
  • Gas Wales can now explode
  • New scenario for Team Deathmatch (download ingame).

Along with these features already seen in the beta, some more are added with the jump to the stable channel:

  • Climbing mode: We can now grab ridges to climb normally inaccessible places. To do this, I need to touch the jump button again when it is already in the air.
  • Explosive Wales: Gasoline Wales now explode when shot.
  • Double gifts: When the intimacy between players reaches a certain score, an exclusive title and pose are obtained.
  • Graphical optimization and lower consumption of CPU resources.

As always, the beta can be played independently from the official client. One application does not replace the other and both profiles remain completely separate.