Attention with the new WhatsApp phone button

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Rumors have been circulating for some time that WhatsApp is preparing a new Internet calling service, such as Skype. In fact, the news has already started to reach some users on Android, and the latest update for the iPhone also brought a phone button next to the profile picture of the contact.

But make no mistake, this button is just a shortcut to the normal connection of your iPhone, and not that internet call, which when it arrives, will be free. And a detail, WhatsApp stores the phone numbers in the format “+55 21 9XXXX-XXXX”, that is, you cannot even complete the call :(.

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But stay tuned that when the news arrives for the iPhone, we’ll keep you posted.

We also noticed that the update brought a nice novelty. When you open the camera from within the app, it now shows, at the bottom, the latest photos from the Camera Roll.

iphone whatsapp tips

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