Attention: macOS 10.13.4 broke second screen apps like Duet Display and Air Display

Even with all the effort to avoid this kind of annoyance, potato: with all the updates, the inevitable compatibility problems, major or minor, arrive. Second screen application users who have upgraded to macOS High Sierra 10.13.4, made available last week, are suffering exactly from that bitter taste.

Application developers Duet Display, one of the most popular in the category, published a notice on its official website recommending that users of the app not update their Macs to the latest version of the operating system, for the simple and worrying reason that the utility simply stops working on macOS 10.13 .4. They also suggest that users contact Apple to report the problem so that the issue is treated with priority at the company, adding that they are looking for solutions to resolve the incompatibility.

Avatron Software, the competitor's developer Air Display, presented a similar message on Twitter:

Air Display users: please do not upgrade your host Mac to macOS 10.13.4. It introduces several bugs to WindowServer that make the application break anything elegantly when you connect the machine to a virtual monitor like Air Display (or its competitors). Version 10.13.3 still works very well. We expect Apple to fix 10.13.4 soon.

Users of other applications with the same purpose, such as iDisplay, reported similar problems, that is, at least until the second order, it is good to stay away from this update if you use the second screen feature regularly. Even USB devices based on the DisplayLink solution, such as docks, adapters and monitors, are having problems which led the developer to make DisplayLink 4.3 available, a partial solution driver that allows cloning of screens, but not mirroring or extending them. .

No one knows exactly what is causing the bugs, but the MacRumors speculates that the reason is in the newly added support for external GPUs in macOS, which may not have talked well with the system properties responsible for the functioning of the second screen apps.

Let's keep an eye on how this story unfolds.