Attention Developers: Amazon lana Appstore in Europe!

Amazon, Inc today announced the launch of its Android Appstore in the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. From now on, Europeans will have access to a wide selection of Amazon Android apps, with the convenience of making purchases using apps on Android smartphones and tablets. European customers can get Amazon Appstore for their Android phones and tablets through the internet sales giant's website.

The Amazon Appstore will not replace the Google Play Store, but remember, it has some cool features like Free App of the day, where a paid app is offered for free by the store. We can't wait for A Z's company to enter the Brazilian market either. But the big news is for developers. Developers can build their applications and games using the Amazon Web or Amazon GameCircle services:

To gain exposure to the company's thousands of customers, developers can list their apps on the Amazon Appstore and take advantage of programs like Free App of the Day. And to monetize apps and games, developers can use an industry leader in e-commerce. commerce like Amazon and payment possibilities like In-App and Subscries.

While users are waiting for the infamous Kindle Fire maker to land on Brazilian land, at least some national developers can take advantage of yet another vast market for Android apps that opens with the launch of Amazon's App Store in Europe.

A curiosity, the Amazon App Store is called App Shop in Germany, France and Italy; Tienda Apps in Spain; and Amazon App Store for Android in the UK.


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