Woman donates an Apple I without knowing it and now has a check for $ 100,000 to receive

Attention, collectors! Apple I will go on sale on eBay

In the early days of Apple, Steve Wozniak built 200 units of Apple I. Sold for $ 666.66 (could you say why?), It is estimated that only about 30 to 50 of them still exist. One, specifically, will be available for purchase soon on the auction site eBay.

Photo: Ed UthmanPhoto: Ed Uthman

David Einstein, technology columnist for the newspaper San Francisco Chronicle, was consulted by a reader who describes himself as "an 82-year old with a 32-year-old Apple I" looking for tips to attract press attention to his unit's auction.

In response to the anonymous reader, he quotes an article on Wikipedia (which suggests values ​​between $ 14 and $ 16,000 for one that is in perfect condition) and says that the auction of such a piece is so rare that the fact alone , attract the eye of interested collectors.

Although the columnist does not believe that the piece in question has so much value, the story has already started to make news on some community sites. Although the Apple I was sold as a kit to assemble with only 4KB of memory expandable to 8KB or 48KB without keyboard, monitor or case, any trace of its existence has historical value for admirers of this company that forged the world of personal computing .

I am unaware of the existence of any of the units in Brazil, but in the United States it is possible to find one of them displayed at the Smithsonian museum, in a reproduction of the Homebrew Computer Club in Palo Alto.

Ah, if I had money left over!