Attacks on Google came out of Chinese universities?

Attacks on Google came out of Chinese universities?

A news item published by The New York Times adds yet another episode to the soap opera Google / China, which has been so popular in the specialized press over the past few months.

The newspaper cites unidentified sources to disclose data from a report, which allegedly found new information about the source of the attacks that the Internet company was recently a victim of.

The same attacks that motivated a kind of threat to the Chinese government, which the company admitted could be involved in the case, after identifying in China the origin of the attacks.

Contacted by the NYT, the Internet company declined to comment on the information that points to two of the most important Chinese universities the origin of the attacks, which in addition to Google, reached about three dozen American companies.

According to the data, the attacks had been in preparation for about 10 months and originated at Shanghai Jiaotong University and Lanxiang Vocational School in China.

The first is responsible for the most relevant scientific computing programs in the country.

The second is one of the schools responsible for training military computer experts.

Spokesmen for both institutions reacted in the same way to the NYT contact, stressing that they are unaware of the implication of the respective institutions in the case, due to the information released by American investigators.