Attacks on Facebook and Twitter with alarming growth

Censorship of links on Facebook reaches messages

The volume of spam and malware attacks spread through social networks is increasing at an alarming rate, warns Sophos in a study released yesterday. In 2009 alone, there was a 70% growth in these attacks, with Facebook and Twitter at the top of the list of most affected services.

The company that provides security solutions says in the report «Security Threat Report: 2010» that 57% of users of these networks say they have already been victims of spam, a number that grew 70.6% compared to 2008. The number of complaints for malware grew to 36%.

Facebook users are the most reported to have been the target of attacks, with responses in this regard from 60% of respondents. MySpace follows with 18%, Twitter with 17% and LinkedIn with 4%.

The greater popularity of these sites also contributes to being at the top of the list, says Sopos consultant Graham Cluley, who admits that the task of Facebook, managing more than 350 million users, is not easy. Systems should be increasingly secure, but it is also up to users to take precautions on their machines and not to be fooled by hacking tricks and fake emails.

These results also support the concern of companies with the use of social networks by their employees, which has been growing. More than 72% of companies believe that the behavior of employees on social networks puts the security of the business at risk.