Attack on Google may have had internal help

Attack on Google may have had internal help

According to the Reuters news agency, sources linked to Google said the search giant was investigating whether one or more company employees in China may have facilitated the attack on the company’s email service, Gmail, which took place last December.

We don’t comment on rumors or speculation. This investigation is underway and we simply cannot comment on the details“Said a Google spokeswoman.

According to security analysts, heard by Reuters, in the attack on Google a modified version of the Trojan horse Hydraq was used. The sophistication in the attack was knowing who to attack, not the malware itself.

Citing anonymous sources, the local media claims that part of the Chinese office’s employees has been transferred to different Google offices in Asia Pacific operations. Other employees were put on vacation and some were denied access to the internal network.

In addition to preferring not to comment on possible domestic help, Google denied that it is determined to leave the country. According to the company, talks will be held with the Chinese government in the coming weeks. The company also said that an inspection process on internal networks since the attack is being carried out.

China tried to minimize Google’s threat to leave, saying there were many ways to resolve the issue, but insisting that all foreign companies, including Google, must accept Chinese laws.