Attaching files to Gmail via ‚ÄúDrag and Drop‚ÄĚ

Gmail gains automatic message advancement option

I believe that the ease with which, today, we attach a file to a Gmail message is unanimous. But, if something can be done to improve, why not do it?

With that in mind, Google has just added, to Gmail, the possibility of attaching any file to a message simply by dragging and dropping.

Known as ‚Äúdrag and drop‚ÄĚ, the feature allows you to drag, from any folder or device on your computer, one or more files to a message being edited. As it is now a native feature of Gmail, there is no need to activate this setting.

As, through screenshots, it would be a little complicated to explain, I decided to make the video below.

If you prefer, it can be viewed, in HD, clicking here.

It is worth remembering that, despite the novelty, the message size limit in Gmail remains at 25MB.

The new option is currently available only to users of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox 3.6 or higher.

According to the team, as soon as other browsers are compatible with the function, it will be extended to them.