AT&T security tool blocks emergency service calls

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AT&T suspended the Smart Limits plan, a parental control function, which allows blocking calls during a certain period of the day, as it jeopardizes the safety of the youngest. All because, if a child calls 911 during the period in which the block is active and the call is dropped, the US emergency service is unable to call back, since calls are rejected by the control tool .

According to the operator, the situation was discovered during testing sessions on the tool and made public before a case was detected that would impair the safety of any user.

According to the international press, the operator has already apologized for the problem and said that it will return to consumers the monthly fee for the service ($ 4.99).

However, the company says that it will make improvements to the program in order to get around the situation. Once the tool is ready, it will return to the market so that parents can limit the time that the youngest spend on the phone, either in class time or at inappropriate times.

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