AT&T & Microsoft in alliance for advanced IP services and solutions

COLLAB distinguished with the APDC / Siemens Innovation Award

AT&T and Microsoft formalized yesterday an alliance for the development of IP services that promises to revolutionize the development, distribution and delivery of IP services. The partnership takes advantage of AT&T’s IP network, which spans 149 countries, and Microsoft’s Connected Services Framework solution.

Based on the Connected Service Framework package, AT&T will thus be able to create new IP network services and applications that can be installed when and where they are needed.

The two companies have also pledged to develop a broad range of communications services over the next five years to focus on messaging, collaboration and business applications. These services will allow to expand the AT&T portfolio, based on the recently announced Dynamic Network Applications (DNA) of the telecommunications company and on Microsoft’s messaging and collaboration solutions.

One of the first objectives of this five-year plan will be the integration of AT&T’s voice over Internet (VoIP) services in the Microsoft Connected Services Framework, together with other communication applications such as messaging and e-mail. This will allow companies to have greater control over IP applications, but it will also facilitate their use since VoIP calls can be made through Office.

The Microsoft Connected Services Framework is an integrated solution for software for the construction and administration of complex services. The connection structure of the company’s services allows telecommunications operators to aggregate and control converged communications services for their subscribers, regardless of the network or device used.

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