AtomFilms moves into video production for online audiences

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AtomFilms will move forward with a studio dedicated to video production for audiences online. The idea is to welcome creative ideas in this area, which for those responsible may well become an interesting market niche in the short term, and turn them into products.

With the return on this investment, the American group, which already ensures Web site for pre-production of clips or short videos by independent creators, it also intends to intensify investments in own production of short films, with a maximum of five minutes.

For now the company has six projects in hand, with the first launches scheduled for next spring, but for the total of the year 36 projects are already planned, guarantees Mika Salmi, founder of AtomFilms, quoted by the Associated Press.

The manager had already tried to move forward with the business a few years ago, but the quality of Internet connections at the time and the PCs themselves did not take the business far.

Now with the trivialization of broadband and the entry on the scene of players powerful as Yahoo, which has already established a set of partnerships to enrich its content offer.

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