Atlético-PR and Coritiba decide to broadcast classic on YouTube

YouTube discloses football insights on the platform

According to information from ESPN, the directors of Atlético-PR and Coritiba – who declined an offer from Globo this week – intend to broadcast the classic Atletiba on YouTube.

«They classified as ‘absurd’ the offer of around R $ 1 million made by the radio station in Rio to close a three-year contract and decided to innovate and follow the model that is successful among Europeans,» published the sports channel.

The broadcast has been prepared to be shown on the official channels of both clubs on Youtube and will include a narrator, commentators and reporters in the field.

“It will be, even, via Youtube. It is a new model, excellent for each side and we will be doing this experience in the classic. It is a way of maturing and developing. It is a model already used with positive results abroad and that can be attractive ”, said the president of Atlético-PR, Luiz Sallim Emed.

The classic Atletiba will be broadcast next Sunday, at 5 pm (Brasília time), at the Arena da Baixada. However, it is not clear whether it will be restricted to club members.