Atlas Allergia is a complete medical guide on the subject, for iPhone and iPad

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If you are a doctor and have an office, you may have noticed that the pharmaceutical industry in Brazil is massively adopting the iPad as an advertising tool, so much so that many representatives have already replaced the papers with the Apple tablet in product presentations.

In this sense, some laboratories are creating applications dedicated to doctors, to download the reference material directly on the iPad or iPhone directly from the App Store. This is the case Atlas Allergy, sponsored by the Takeda laboratory.

The application aims to be a complete guide on allergies, enriched by explanatory illustrations and texts on the different clinical conditions and their immunology. The doctor can also easily send this information by email to his patient, according to the type of chart he has.

THE Atlas Allergy is free and can be downloaded through the Brazilian App Store (link). It has a Universal version, which means it runs on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iOS 4 or later.