Atari reveals details of its new console, Ataribox

Atari revela detalhes de seu novo console, o Ataribox

Company shows how Ataribox will be, its new console

During the various announcements by E3 this year, a Atari surprised the industry by unveiling a new console, the Ataribox. So far there were no details about the device, but the company has just released images and specifications for this game machine.

Classic is classic

Before revealing the new Ataribox, the company sent an email to the fans, saying that ā€œour goal is to create something new, that is true to our heritage, while appealing to old and new Atari fansā€. As we can see in the images, the Ataribox is clearly inspired by the classic wood design of the old Atari 2600, as well as the black bands on the top cover. In addition to the indicator lights, the console has SD card support, an HDMI port and four USB ports. The company will launch two versions: one in wood and the other in black and red.

Atari reveals details of its new console, Ataribox

Like the NES Classic Edition, Atari intends to deliver with the console a large library of classic games from the company, but with the advantage of having more recent titles. It is not yet clear whether this means that they will only republish the classic edition of Rollercoaster Tycoon or we will have something different and new along the way. Although Atari recently licensed its brand, the company is still involved in creating the Ataribox, and not just releasing the brand for partners to create the hardware.

Atari reveals details of its new console, Ataribox

For now, Atari has not yet revealed Ataribox price, release date, content or detailed information. The company reports that ā€œwe know that [os fĆ£s] are hungry for more details like specifications, games, prices, datesā€¦ We are not intentionally provoking: we want to do it right, so we choose to share things step by step as soon as they are finalized, and to be able to listen carefully to the feedback from the Atari community while we are developing ā€.

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