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Atari dives into the fitness segment with the new Fit app

When you hear the word “Atari”, what comes to your mind? The memory of games or Steve Jobs' first job?

Well, in this wave of fitness life up to Atari joined the game and launched its own health app: Atari Fit. The proposal is quite interesting: it has a list of more than 100 exercises, making it possible to create a routine of activities based on your goal: weight training, weight loss or even sports.

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AttariFit has found a cool way to motivate you not to give up on your workouts. When you reach your goals, it will reward you with coins and, by reaching a certain amount of coins, you can unlock classic company games: Pong, Super BreakouteCentipede, for example. wait to accumulate them, you can buy them. Speaking of buying, in the main menu there is an option called Shop; Here, you can purchase complete exercise plan packages, ranging from easy to difficult.

It is possible to share the results of the seinee with your friends on Facebook and invite them to a "multiplayer exercise", communicating with them through a dedicated chat.

If you already have the habit of exercising and use the Sade app (Health) on iOS, don't worry. Atari Fit has integration with it and you just need to import your data.

However, doing some tests with the application, not everything is just flowers. Some things frustrated me, for example: the app occupied 169MB of my iPhone and has some instabilities; the very limited version; there is no translation into Portuguese, so if you do not speak English, this it also becomes another weakness.

Finally, we hope that these small obstacles will be adjusted over time, but just because you can remember how to play good old Pong, it is already a good incentive to get to know Atari Fit.

Download now and tell us about your experience!

(via iClarified)