Atari CEO confirms the company’s new video game project

CEO da Atari confirma projeto de novo console da empresa

Atari is back in the world of video games with a new console!

Atari CEO confirms the company's new console designReal-official: Atari is working on a new console

THE CEO gives Atari, Fred Chesnais, confirmed that the company is developing a new game console, according to the website GamesBeat.

It is likely that the company is seeing a niche in the retro gaming market, in addition to the sales success of classic edition of Nintendo’s NES, here in Brazil the Mega Drive and the Master System were recently relaunched.

Last week, Atari launched a teaser for a new product called «The Ataribox». On the one hand, some people thought the video could be fake, but in the end it was true.

The company’s CEO didn’t say much about the console, only that it will be based on a PC technology, the design is all theirs and an announcement date will be revealed in the future.

«We are back in the hardware market»

2017 started busy for video game lovers, since Nintendo announced and released the Switch this year and Microsoft took advantage of the E3 2017 to reveal the Project Scorpio, which is now known as Xbox One X.

With the return of a Atari, we are likely to see the best of what the company has been like. As it already does 24 years since the company launched its latest video game, it is necessary to wait to know how much she has learned from these two decades and what they will bring differently to the market.

Perhaps the console does not bring a new version of Space Invaders, Pac Man or one Ping pong Cool. In reality, video games are nothing like what they were in the 90s.

To the Atari to show that it is ready, it will have to find its own niche, since the heavier consoles already have the market dominated by Sony and Microsoft and Nintendo has now started to return with its unique style.

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