[Atalhos do iOS] How to manually delete the contents of the iOS clipboard

Learn how to manually delete the iOS clipboard

THE iOS 14 features a feature that reveals which apps spy on the content of the transfer area of the system, which stores everything we copy into memory.

This is risky, because when you copy important text like a password, a login or even an image, these same apps can access this information and do whatever they want.

The case made some users worry about ways to delete this information memory, so that they are not available to third parties.

Fortunately, Apple itself offers ways to delete iOS clipboardvia system shortcuts.

Technically, if you recently copied some sensitive information on your iPhone or iPad and you don’t want it to be in memory (even temporarily), just select any other random text and copy again, for the information to superimpose that which existed before.

But there is a more practical way, which does everything with a simple push of a button.

The application Shortcuts is capable of creating automations on iOS, so that you are able to repeat tasks automatically.

So, to solve the problem presented in this article, a simple shortcut that empties the clipboard is enough to simplify the task.

There are several shortcut suggestions spread over the internet, but nothing better than downloading those created by Apple’s own team. They are reliable and efficient.

In the Gallery of the Shortcuts application, you can find some of them related to the clipboard. If you don’t want to spend time looking, the following link allows you to install the same shortcut on your iPhone or iPad. To install, open this article on your device and tap the image below:

delete iOS clipboard

You can leave this shortcut in a widget on the screen and easily access it whenever you need it.

* Before iOS 14, widgets are accessed by dragging the Notification Center to the right.

This tutorial could have ended here, because the solution proposed by him was given above. But for those who want to have even more control over the content recorded on the clipboard, there are other shortcuts that do this.

If you want a shortcut that shows you what’s on your clipboard and still allows you to edit its content, install the shortcut touching the image below:

delete iOS clipboard

In-app Shortcuts embedded in the system you find other variations of shortcuts that manage the clipboard. Take a look and see if one fits your needs.