At the Oscars, Taika Waititi calls on Apple to repair its keyboards

At the Oscars, Taika Waititi calls on Apple to repair its keyboards

At a press conference shortly after receiving the statuette from Oscar in Best Adapted Screenplay per «Jojo Rabbit», the actor, screenwriter, producer and director Taika Waititi decided to give Apple a nice nudge.

When asked what the current main needs of the writing community in Hollywood are (represented by the Writers Guild of America, or WGA), Waititi chose to claim that Apple “fixes keyboards” on Macs.

It is impossible to type on them. And they got worse. It makes me want to go back to using a PC.

Waititi’s review, which also directed «Thor: Ragnarok», is super-relevant. All who follow the MacMagazine know and have followed for years the problems concerning the several generations of Apple’s butterfly keyboards, which only recently started to be left behind with the launch of the 16-inch MacBook Pro.

And the problem is there: “they started”. The 16 ″ MBP may bring a decent new keyboard, yes, but the 13 ″ MBP and MacBook Air, both with problematic keyboards, are still on the line. Incidentally, I would include in this review there also the Smart Keyboard for iPads, which although not fragile like the others is also not an example of a good keyboard to type for hours on end.

Without a doubt, Apple will still face a dark period until that bad image of its keyboards is definitely left behind. But first, of course, it needs to update all its products and abandon the problematic butterfly mechanism for good.