At an event, Motorola explains the advantages of the Snap Gamepad

Em evento, Motorola explica as vantagens do Snap Gamepad

No need for cables, Moto Snap Gamepad has its own battery, gives a new look to mobile games and only works with Moto Z smartphones

At an event, Motorola explains the advantages of the Snap Gamepad

THE Moto Snap Gamepad is already on sale throughout Brazil, but do you know how it works? With two analog buttons, buttons A, B, X, Y, in addition to the traditional ones (R1, L1, R2, L2), the Gamepad helps to enhance the experience of playing for smartphone, turning your phone into a video game.

Similar to a video game, the item also offers a headphone jack, in addition to having own 1,035 mAh battery, which guarantees more than 8 hours of continuous gambling. That is, as long as your cell phone is connected to the accessory, it will not be less charged, as only the Gamepad.

When the battery is running out, both the smartphone how much of Gamepad, the ideal would be for the user to load each one individually. However, if the fun is ā€œunstoppableā€, you can plug the charger directly into the Gamepad, without the need to remove the smartphone.

Thus, if the smartphone is low on battery, the charger gives it priority, raising the charge until it is at a medium level, so that, in short, it can charge itself Moto Snap Gamepad.

At an event, Motorola explains the advantages of the Snap Gamepad

How to play on the Gamepad

It is important to note that this new accessory from Motorola is only compatible with the Moto Z family (Moto Z, Moto Z Play, Moto ZĀ² Play and Moto ZĀ² Force). If you already have any of these smartphones, the price suggested by Motorola for each item is R $ 799.00.

Controller-compatible games can be easily found by the app Moto Game Explorer. Therefore, when purchasing the Gamepad, just go to Google Play and look for app.

Once installed, in Moto Game Explorer, tap the game you want to play to view details, then tap Available in Google Play to install or buy it.

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Tested by gamers

The House #hellocities (space dedicated to photography, technology, music, etc.) from Motorola, opened space for company employees to comment on the new device, which was delivered for a few days to youtubers in games Gordox and Bruno Clash test and draw their own conclusions about the accessory. And, according to the gamers, The Moto Snap Gamepad is approved.

At an event, Motorola explains the advantages of the Snap GamepadYoutubers Gordox (in half) and Bruno Clash (dir) during event

The device seems to bring about a greater change mainly in the gameplay in racing and sports games, which naturally need greater movement of the fingers on the mobile screen. ā€œI was never very adept at touch screen to play, and this accessory offers analog and arrows to solve this problem. I found the Gamepad the future of electronic sport in terms of mobile games (mobile games), due to the great adaptation that it offers ā€pointed out Gordox.

Bruno, on the other hand, stated that mobile games are being taken more and more seriously and that a tool that facilitates gameplay on cell phones is very welcome. Ā«I always said that the smartphone turns out to be the most popular and most accessible console. Nowadays everyone has one, and have the possibility to really be able to transform their smartphone on a video game, is what everyone expected ā€.