At a security event, BlackBerry CEO speaks ill of Apple’s privacy policies

At a security event, BlackBerry CEO speaks ill of Apple's privacy policies

THE BlackBerry yesterday held its event focused on security (the Security Summit 2016). L, as highlighted by Patently Apple, John Chen (Company CEO) did not miss the opportunity to speak ill of Apple. Only for a reason that, at least in my view, goes against the event held by the company.

Chen said, «We really are in an obscure place when companies put their reputations above the greater good.» The executive clearly aimed at Apple because of the episode in which Ma hit the FBI head on by not accepting to place a backdoor on iOS so that the government could access data from an iPhone used by a terrorist. To end any doubts, Chen also said: «One of our competitors, we call her ‘the other fruit company’, has an attitude that no matter how much it damages society, they will not help.» Obviously, referring to the aforementioned episode.

Yes, at a BlackBerry security event, the company’s CEO spoke ill of how Apple tries to protect its system and its users. I will not go into the merit of whether or not Apple should create one backdoor I your systems, because this discussion is much broader than it seems. But, according to Chen, this is what he thinks should happen, apparently.

However, it does not mean that BlackBerry does this. At the same event, Chen reported that the company has «a cvic duty» to help the government, security and intelligence agencies. But on the other hand, the data is encrypted and cannot be decrypted. Now! The citizen speaks ill of Apple and does the same ?!

A company that was a market leader a few years ago (mainly in the corporate segment, in which data security is even more important) cannot throw stones at another that defends privacy and encryption with nails and teeth. Or, if you shoot, you need to explain what you do to protect user data while cooperating with governments / intelligence agencies. You can’t just speak badly and do the same, because it really doesn’t go well.

For these and other reasons, BlackBerry is where it is today