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At $ 900, YouTuber bought a white MacBook and made it ready for 2019

Buy a Mac in Brazil, especially expensive. Very expensive. But it is possible, with half the budget you would have to buy a reasonable Windows notebook, to buy an old Ma computer and make it a machine that would be usable by the average 2019 standards at least, which showed. Gabriel de Pinho.

O YouTuber He took on an ambitious challenge for himself: Buy an old MacBook on a classified site for the lowest price possible and get it ready for use with the smallest possible change of components. He got a good deal on a MacBook, the late white model unibody 2009 by $ 450 Originally, the seller asked for $ 750 for the machine, but the value was decreased because it was without its internal battery.

Gabriel explained that he could have lowered this budget even further by using older machines such as the previous generation white MacBook; Since that model only accepts DDR2 RAM, however, upgrading this important component in the near future would be very difficult. Therefore, the model unibody The computer was chosen with 4GB of RAM and 2.26GHz Core 2 Duo processor.

Only two internal changes were made to the computer: first, it replaced the MacBook's internal HDD with an SSD (which it already had, but which costs, on average, $ 250). Then it was time to turn to the Free Market for a brand new battery though the original Apple, of course it was quickly installed by Gabriel himself and cost $ 200.

Officially, macOS High Sierra is the last Apple system to be supported by the MacBook in question, but it was possible through a simple patch, create a bootable USB stick that installed macOS Mojave on the machine without any problems. All links, battery purchased, and instructions for patch, are in the video description.

In the end, the simple white MacBook was surprisingly fast and running Apple's newest system nicely all at a total expense of $ 900. Obviously, this is not the ideal solution for all users, after all, a lot of people need more processing power or simply do not have the patience and ability to go researching components and computers used on the internet. Still, the idea remains: It is possible to "restore" already quite old machines without much money. 😉