ASUS Zenfone GO: How to save battery power and extend battery life

ASUS Zenfone GO: How to save battery power and extend battery life

Zenfone GO, official successor to Zenfone 5, has been launched to compete with other Android middlemen in Brazil. Asus's promise for this device is twice the battery life of the predecessor model but, as we saw in the full review, this estimated period cannot be taken literally to conventional use. To get the most out of your Zenfone GO battery pack we have separated some tips that can extend your life and maybe even get to the second day of use with little tricks. Check it out below.

Zenfone GO is one of the few Asus devices packed with a MeadiaTek processor, which can be a change with some advantages and disadvantages. The good thing is that the taiwan processor is more energy efficient than Intel's Atom chip, present in Zenfone 5 and Zenfone 2, for example. The disadvantage is that Asus' excellent power manager does not support the MediaTek processor, causing users to resort to third party applications.

I did some tests with third party applications on Zenfone GO and definitely Battery Doctor which best met my expectations. In moderate use I was able to extend the battery life of the device by up to 3 ½ hours with the help of some tools available from Battery Doctor. In addition to observing the effectiveness of this app, I sought to analyze your own RAM consumption and possible damage that the app could cause to the device software. You can download it from the Play Store via the button below:

Battery Doctor (Battery Saver)
Install on Google Play

I did not notice any kind of overheating or excessive RAM consumption by Battery Doctor, as the app needs to run in the background for power management to be monitored more efficiently. Battery Doctor Super Optimize needs to be enabled through system accessibility settings, go to System Settings> Battery Doctor Super Optimize and activate the service key. A small widget will be pinned to the device's home screen so that the function can be performed manually when the user prefers.

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Baterry Doctor Super Optimize widget. / ANDROIDPIT
<p>The application allows the creation of some energy saving profiles that can even be programmed by the user to be executed in specific times or situations. The "Rating" menu sorts the running applications that consume the most energy in real time, the option that turned out to be better than the Android Lollipop drum menu. Useful information such as battery temperature, charging time and active sensors are displayed via the "Save" tab.</p>
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Zenfone GO: Saving Energy with Android Lollipop 5.1

The standard Android Lollipop 5.1 power saving option is present in Zenfone GO which, by the way, does not have many configuration options. The "Intelligent Standby Power Saver" option checks for application updates and notifications over a period of time, not constantly.

When enabled, "Battery Mode" removes transparencies from the system and replaces them with an orange color, which helps to identify how this mode runs in the background. However, I noticed that the Android Lollipop option did not yield results as effective as Battery Doctor, for example, and is advisable for use in extreme situations and not in conjunction with third party applications.

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Energy saving option of Android Lollipop. / ANDROIDPIT
<p>Android Lollipop's default power mode has increased the autonomy of the Zenfone GO by 46 minutes. Both tests were performed with the 3G connection active on both SIM-chips and connected location services.</p>
<p>What about, do you own a Zenfone GO? How do you save battery power on your device?</p>
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