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Asus registers new wireless charger with up to 15W fast charging

THE Asus has registered new 15W wireless chargers at the Wireless Power Consortium, which is a worldwide "body" responsible for registering various standards, including induction loading. The company registered your product with the name ASUS wireless charger with three different options. They have the same settings, the only difference between models is the color.

Apparently gadgets have a very discreet design, with few feature additions, just like most models we find on the market. They were registered in the colors: blue, white and pink, based on the white color for all options. Click on the images below to see them larger:

Wireless Power Consortium's Wireless Charger Standard divides chargers by the acronym Qi. The devices listed as Qi 1.0 can provide shipments of at 5W, devices Qi 1.1 provide at 7.5W and the Qi 1.2 charge at 15W. Asus registered charger has received certification Qi 1.2.4, which indicates that it deliver 15W charging. The other specifications can be seen in the registration table below:


According to Antutu, they are the two fastest Android devices in the world.

Although Asus has not yet adopted wireless charging technology for its devices, this certification may indicate that the technology may be inserted into the next smartphones of the manufacturer, such as the Zenfone 7 and the ROG Phone 3. The atuis Zenfone 6 and ROG Phone 2 are not equipped with induction charging support option, both devices are the company's current high-end and will be released in Brazil on October 21, next monday.

Fast charging by induction is something that has not yet become popular in the industry, few devices support the technology and it is not yet widely used. Some manufacturers, such as Samsung for example, are increasingly investing in technology. Smartphones Galaxy S10 they can even exchange the load between them.

Asus has not yet made any official pronouncements about product availability using the new technology. Nevertheless, ASUS wireless chargers are already approved by the Wireless Power Consortium and are already regulated to begin commercialization.


We tested three wireless chargers and noted the results.

If you are interested in learning more about this upload format, we have a full article here on Connected World that explains you details about this technology. You can access the text by clicking here, or the icon on the left. You can also check out more information on the video below:

Via: xda-developers Source: Wireless Power Consortium