Asus expects to sell 5 million low-cost PCs this year

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Asus predicts that two thirds of the Eee computers sold this year will be Windows XP integrated. In the manufacturer’s view, users are more used to software from Microsoft, which will lead the majority to opt for this equipment as soon as the models come onto the market.

There is currently a version of low-cost computers with an integrated Linux operating system and it is planned to launch two editions with Windows XP for this year, whose prices are expected to vary between 309 and 400 dollars, while the cheapest edition with system open source costs $ 200.

The manufacturer expects that, in 2008, 5 million Eee PC units will be sold for a total of 3 million laptops with Windows and 2 million with Linux.

It only remains to be noted that the different versions of the Eee PC currently available differ by their processor speed, built-in RAM and presence of webcam.

The Surf model is sold in 2 and 4GB versions, with a 570MHz processor and 512MB RAM, for the 2GB model and 633MHz processor and 512MB removable RAM, for the 4GB model. Surf models do not have webcam.

Finally, the common Eee PC is available with capacities of 4 and 8GB, with a processor at 633MHz and removable RAM of 512 and 1GB, expandable up to 2GB. Both models have a webcam integrated, located above the screen, with 0.3 megapixels.

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