Sapo opens laboratory at the University of Aveiro

Asus anticipates in Portugal the news it will show at CeBIT

Sapo opens laboratory at the University of Aveiro

Asus chose Portugal for an exclusive presentation of the novelties it will present at this year’s CeBIT event, which takes place in Hanover, Germany, from 4 to 9 March. The presentation took place at the Pavilhão do Conhecimento, in Parque das Nações, Lisbon and had the presence of Portuguese representatives from Asus Iberica, as well as representatives from the central offices of the manufacturer, located in Taiwan.

The presentation focused on the various segments of Asus’ various business areas, including the various ranges of portable computers, UMPCs, smartphones and GPS equipment.

Portable computers make up a large part of Asus’ production and market, with the company’s range diversified in several segments, with specific applications in the area of ​​games, professionals, luxury and multimedia. Most of the brand’s laptops already incorporate Intel’s new Penryn processors, with a 45nm manufacturing process.

The star of the novelties, in the field of notebooks, was the G70, placed as the top of the range of gaming notebooks, which includes the already known G1 and G2 models. The G70 raises the technical bar even further for this segment and in addition to a convincing exterior, in brushed aluminum, built-in LEDs and a 17-inch screen, it features 2 hard drives operating in RAID and two NVIDIA graphics cards operating in parallel, in SLI. The notebook also has hardware Direct Messenger, incorporating a small panel for e-mail and other notifications, support for Dolby Home Theater and HDMI connection.

The notebook line inspired by the Lamborghini car brand receives the new model V3, which inherits the luxury finishes of the previous models, with leather inserts, hand-cooked, lacquered plastic cover and elements of design inspired by details of the Lamborghini Murcielago. The V3 is essentially designed for portability, with a 12-inch screen and a smaller footprint than previous models. Despite its size, the V3 is based on a Penryn processor and incorporates exclusive security features, with a built-in fingerprint reader and energy conservation.

Also in front of UMPCs and particularly within the Origami concept, proposed by Microsoft, Asus will present at CeBit the R50A prototype, which includes a webcam, GPS, 3.5G data connection, Wi-Fi and television tuner, in a format surprisingly small, with a 1,024 by 600 resolution screen and Windows Vista operating system.

The news is not limited, however, to computers, since Asus will also present several new smartphones and PDA phones, of which we highlight the M930, a Windows Mobile 6 smartphone with a double screen, similar to the Nokia Communicator series, with a simpler front interface, served by an alphanumeric keyboard and a complete interior interface, with Qwerty keyboard and 16 format screen. : 9. In addition to the amenities that are already the norm in the terminals of this segment, including Wi-Fi, bluetooth and 3.5G mobile data connection, the M930 includes a simplified mobile data sharing functionality, allowing its use as a high-speed mobile modem. speed, without complications setup.

Asus also intends to strengthen its presence in the GPS terminal market, with the presentation of the R300, with a 3.5 inch screen and the R700, with a 4.7 inch screen. Both terminals share the functionality of viewing 3D maps, with volumetry, as well as functions for viewing multimedia content, including MP3, photos and videos and an integrated FM transmitter, for audio playback through the car system. The R700 also includes a bluetooth connection, for interoperability with mobile phones, allowing you to answer and make calls, via GPS.

Although not new, the major absence in the products displayed by Asus was the Eee PC. The Portuguese representatives guaranteed that the small laptop is on its way to Portugal, with availability scheduled for the second quarter of 2008, in a single version of 4GB of capacity, integrated webcam and white chassis.

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