Sapo opens laboratory at the University of Aveiro

Asus and Toshiba prepare to enter the Portuguese mobile phone market

Sapo opens laboratory at the University of Aveiro

The Portuguese mobile phone market will soon have two new players. Asus and Toshiba announced their intention to explore this new business area in Portugal, where they have no presence so far.

In the global market, Asus already has a wide range of mobile equipment that is organized in four different series. The latest announcement in this area was made yesterday and goes for an update of the PDA with 3G ASUS P526, which as of May the company starts to market with version 6.0 of Windows Mobile. Directed to the business segment, the equipment has software Asus exclusive, allows integration with Outlook, has georeferencing features. A626 was also announced this month and is another new feature for the business segment in the first half of 2007. With a thickness of 1.57 cm and a large screen , the equipment aims to respond to the need for advanced features in a less bulky device. Bet on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection possibilities to ensure connectivity in different situations and in a set of multimedia features.

In January the company had presented another novelty aimed at the business market, the P735 with 3G connection and a set of exclusive business features.

None of the three models is confirmed for Portugal, not least because the Asian company prefers not to advance further news about the new bet until March 22, the date of the press conference scheduled to announce the news.

Toshiba also announced yesterday that in the near future it will also place on the Portuguese market two mobile devices, from its recent line of smartphones for the European market. The Japanese company also prefers not to advance dates for now.

TeK only learned that the mobile phone business will not be conducted in Portugal by Toshiba Computer Systems, Toshiba’s only business area that is represented directly in the country. to information already provided by the company, the first two models scheduled for sale in Portugal are the Portégé G900 and G500. Both devices operate on 3.5G, come equipped with fingerprint readers, bet on integration with email on PC, 2 megabyte camera, digital zoom, 64MB memory and Windows Mobile operating system in version 6.0.

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