ASUS and Google work on mini-PCs focused on artificial intelligence

ASUS Japan announced this week that it will introduce two new Tinker Boards during the ET & IoT Technology 2019 event to be held on November 20 in Yokohama, Japan.


Product is available for prices from US $ 35

According to ASUS, Tinker Board is a small format single board computer (SBC) that offers good performance and excellent mechanical compatibility – think of it as ASUS alternative to Raspberry Pi.

During the event in Japan the company will introduce the new Tinker Edge T and Tinker Edge R boards, which were created with a focus on artificial intelligence and IoT.

ASUS Tinker Edge TThe ASUS Tinker Edge T mini-PC measures 85 x 56 mm, about the size of a credit card, and uses the NXP i.MX 8M SoC, which is made up of four Cortex-A53 cores clocked at up to 1.5GHz and one core. Cortex-M4F.

This model also features the Vivante GC7000 Lite graphics chip and the Coral Edge chip, which is Google's tensor processing unit (TPU).

ASUS Tinker Edge RThe Tinker Edge R mini PC measures 100 x 72 mm, comes equipped with the SoC Rockchip RK3399 Pro, which has a three-in-one design. The chip combines the dual-core Cortex-A72 clocked at up to 1.8GHz, the Cortex-A53 quad-core clocked at up to 1.4GHz and the Mali-T860 quad-core GPU clocked at up to 800MHz. He too comes equipped with a neural processing chip (NPU). Both models use a cooling system with a small fan.

The ASUS announcement states that the Tinker Edge R and Tinker Edge T mini PCs are compatible with Debian and Android. Support for other Linux distributions and operating systems such as Windows 10 IoT Core and FreeRTOS may be implemented in the future.

The company is not yet announcing prices and not even when new mini PCs will be available.

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