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Astropad Graphics Tablet is like a graphics tablet on your iGadget

THE Astropad Graphics Tablet an iOS app that turns your iPad into a professional tablet. We can consider him as the Duet Display for those who need a graphics tablet.

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The iPad app paired with a version installed on your Mac, allowing for incredibly accurate drawings in apps like Photoshop or Pixelmator. The experience is much more intuitive, especially since the iPad allows you to manipulate the way of viewing including zooming in a much more practical way than traditional Wacom graphics tablets.

One of the great improvements of the last update of Astropad, released today, was the more accurate recognition of the Apple Pencil on the screen, disregarding accidental touches with the hand, with support for more pressure levels and drawing shapes. The image of the connected Mac, via Wi-Fi or cable, was also another highlight, having received a significant decrease in lags.


To set up Astropad, just buy the app on the App Store and access this link in any browser on your Mac.

The application then presents a guide for connection, either via USB cable or via Wi-Fi. If the wireless connection does not occur automatically, click the Manual Connection button, both on the Mac and on the iPad, and scan the QR code displayed on the screen.


The application has two modes: Finger and Stylus. In the first, there is no use of Bluetooth and the accuracy is much less, especially since there is no reading of the pressure exerted on the screen. In the second mode, the accuracy is much higher, especially with the use of pens such as Pencil by FiftyThree and Apple Pencil.

Astropad on iPad Pro

The mode can be changed in the upper corner of the screen.

Final considerations

If you need a graphics tablet and already have an iPad, be it Pro, Air or mini, the Astropad Graphics Tablet will only have the desired precision effect with the use of a pen, whether it be from Adonit, one from Paper or even Apple Pencil.

With really impressive results, I believe that we are seeing the future of tablet computers in the form of an application.

And it even has a “Mini” version, for iPhones, iPod touch and Apple Watches:

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