Astro Boy Dash - Check the Game Quiz

Astro Boy Dash – Check the Game Quiz

Well, back hard reality. After testing Asphalt 8 on the Sony Xperia Z Ultra on Friday, I decided to test the new Astro Boy Dash game on my little Xperia Ray on Monday. I was so annoyed that I decided to take Z Ultra again from my writing colleagues to see if the problem Astro Boy's game is in the game itself or on the device in which it is played. See the details.

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Check out the app test. / AndroidPIT
<p>The idea of ​​the game itself is not original, and is already successful in games like Temple Run. New is the theme of Astro Boy, cult character of anime, film and games. This app was developed by <strong>Animoca</strong>, and the race here to accumulate coins and escape from Dr. Tenma. Astro Boy moves left or right as you move the device, and tapping the screen makes it jump or bend to avoid barriers.</p>
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I started testing on my Xperia Ray, and had problems since the installation, which took longer than usual. During the game there were several crashes, and I had to restart the app a few times. Contrary to what he suspected, the gameplay was not hampered by the small screen, but the software of the old device. As I read another review on Androidcentral that reported the same issues, I decided to test the game on Z Ultra.

And as if by magic, the problems disappeared. The game flows and does not crash at any time. The difference from Android 4.2.2 made itself felt beyond the most powerful processor.

Money, money and more money

The only unpleasant issue that naturally remains in any device is monetization. The insistence that you buy virtual currency is very annoying, especially when it comes to a free download game. After you lose, I need to go through 5 screens to continue playing (3 of them offer buy options, between continuing where you left off for coins or improvements and power ups paid). This prevents the game from flowing between lives.

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The attempt to over monetize the game. / AndroidPIT
<p>Otherwise, the background music and sound effects are nice, and the graphics are great for a free app. The game has the potential to captivate a large child audience if upcoming updates minimize the amount of user money required.</p>
<p>Have you tested the game yet? Do you agree with my opinion?</p>
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