ASSOFT welcomes Olivennes Agreement and calls for similar measure for Portugal

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The anti-piracy protection system adopted in France continues to captivate supporters in Portugal. This time it was ASSOFT that announced its support for the Olivennes Agreement, thus joining the Portuguese Phonographic Association, the Portuguese Association of Video Editors, the Rights Management Cooperative of Performers, the Association for the Management of Rights of Authors, Producers and Editors, the Federation of Videogram Editors and the Portuguese Society of Authors.

All of these entities believe that the Portuguese State should adopt a similar measure since the French plan «constitutes a major advance in the fight against the illegal availability of content such as music, films, PC games and consoles and computer programs».

As the TeK previously published, the Olivennes Agreement provides for the creation of a system that will block Internet access for users who have violated intellectual property rights, which will make the video and music industry more readily available and remove barriers techniques to the interoperability of formats on various platforms and that sanctions ISPs that do not collaborate with the anti-piracy operations stipulated by the agreement.

In this sense, ASSOFT joins the cause started in France and stresses that the Portuguese Government should take «a similar initiative, in a context where the intervention of public authorities is urgent, since the means currently available are unable to solve the problem. illegal access to content in a satisfactory manner «.

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