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Assoft wants to reinforce anti-piracy awareness of 70,000 companies

Portugal loses 174 million euros from piracy

Seventy thousand companies will be targeted during this month of contacts from Assoft – Associação Portuguesa de Software. The association is carrying out a new action to raise awareness among organizations about the need to use software legally and accordingly.

Recently Assoft revealed that in the first half of the year it carried out more than a thousand actions that led to seizures of software illegal amounting to 1.8 million euros.

In these actions carried out until June it was still possible to obtain data on the most non-compliant sectors. Archeology, Architecture, Construction, Consulting, Driving Schools, Studios, Graphics, Press and Advertising are among the areas of activity that most appeal to software illegal.

In the new action Assoft is looking for «installation, use or distribution of unlicensed computer programs» again.

Manuel Cerqueira, president of the association, explains that the initiative underway this month aims to «increase awareness of the need to legalize the software used in their respective computer and telecommunications equipment».