ASSOFT starts national campaign against software piracy

تصادر IGAC أجهزة الكمبيوتر مع 30،000 ملف موسيقى قيد التشغيل لمكافحة القرصنة

The Portuguese Software Association (ASSOFT) announced that it will proceed with a «broad national campaign to raise awareness, clarify and support companies». The idea is to make organizations aware of the need to use legal software.

The campaign will run over the next few months and should go through all the country’s districts, between the continent and the islands, with the aim of promoting the use of legal software.

In a statement, the association explains that the measure anticipates a police inspection action that will advance next and as a result of the significant increase in the numbers regarding the use of non-legal software in the country, during the past year.

Data collected for 2009 show a 54 percent increase in software piracy rates, with an additional 16 percent impact on the results of the software industry, penalized by the flight from licensed software costs by 174 million euros, only in 2009.

For the State, losses, associated with uninvoiced VAT, amounted to 34 million euros in the same period.