ASSOFT launches Software Certification

ASSOFT fosters commercial relations with American companies

The Portuguese Software Association – ASSOFT – launched the ASSOFT Certification of Software Compliance, aimed at companies that want to have the guarantee that all the software installed in your computer park is legal and complies with current legislation.

The same certification is given to companies, entities or organizations that use computer systems and are not integrated in the ICT industry. However, it is also open to ICT companies that are «distributors, retailers or installers, as well as their final adherents», explains ASSOFT.

The Association also created the Conformity Seal, valid for three years, which is attributed to the adhering entities after an audit of the systems installed in each company.

Manuel Cerqueira, President of ASSOFT, states that this certification stems from the «market demand these days», which «requires full responsibility for all those involved in information technologies, be they authors, suppliers, wholesalers or retailers, installers and after-sales support service providers «and explains that this is a certification that will add value to the business of the members.

ASSOFT also warns of the importance of Certification as a guarantee of «transparency of methods and processes of organizations» and as «an effective measure to substantially reduce the legal and financial exposure for non-compliance».

Those interested in obtaining certification should request an audit of their IT systems from ASSOFT.