Assoft estimates about 50% software piracy rate in Portugal

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Assoft presented yesterday in a press conference the latest figures obtained recently by the BSA (Business Software Alliance) and IDC regarding the rate of use of illegal software in the world. Although Portugal is far from the 90 per cent rates presented by countries such as Vietnam, Ukraine or China, the Portuguese Software Association estimates that in addition to the 40 per cent of piracy determined by the BSA, another 10 per cent should be accounted for by sales to customers. auction sites, ads and newsgroups.

The BSA and IDC study, which TeK previously reported (see Related News), shows that the world average of software pirated is 35 percentage points, translating to a loss of 32.695 billion dollars in revenue for the industry. Compared to the same year last year, this rate decreased by one percentage point, a factor considered positive.

In relation to Portugal, lost revenue will be around 64.93 billion euros, which means that if companies and users had acquired the software legally the State would collect about 12.34 million euros for the collection of 19 percent VAT. In addition to this list of the 40 percent calculated by IDC / BSA, Assoft adds another ten percentage points for sales of software pirated on auction sites, ads and via newsgroups.

Manuel Cerqueira, president of Assoft, also presented the results of the protocol established with the PJ at the beginning of the year. In view of the various awareness campaigns, around 12 thousand letters were returned due to bankruptcy or change of address, but the feedback obtained is around seven thousand letters a month. “It means that the response cycle requires a few months, the time required for legalization. The pace coincides with our predictions, ”he said.

Assoft will continue to interact with PJ, IGAC and IGAE through other campaigns against the use of software illegal. To this end, the association entered into an agreement with the BSA that provided financial means to collaborate in the specialized training of technicians and experts, in the expansion of awareness campaigns at the international level.

According to IDC forecasts, businesses and consumers will spend more than $ 300 billion on software in the next five years, but due to the high piracy rates, during this same period the volume of software pirated will be around 200 billion dollars. The increase or decrease in piracy is the result of a set of economic, social, educational and even political factors, but «if nothing is done to combat these numbers, piracy will not decrease,» said Manuel Cerqueira, president of Assoft.

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