COLLAB distinguished with the APDC / Siemens Innovation Award

Assoft and PJ join in campaign to prevent software piracy

COLLAB distinguished with the APDC / Siemens Innovation Award

Assoft and the Judiciary Police today announced the development of the latest anti-piracy initiative software, involving 130 thousand small and medium-sized companies this time. In an unprecedented action in terms of the volume of companies covered, the sector association was awarded the seal of PJ, with which it had previously collaborated in terms of supporting company audits.

Assoft has developed several prevention campaigns throughout its activity, some with the support of official entities, such as the General Inspection of Economic Activities. Still last year, Assoft sent 45 thousand letters to companies, in the same sense of preventing them from the risks they take when using illegal software.

This is, however, the first time that Assoft and PJ have jointly signed the ‚Äúprevention‚ÄĚ letters, reminding companies that 4,300 companies have already been inspected by IGAE, giving rise to 306 lawsuits. TeK has not yet had access to the aforementioned letter, but Manuel Cerqueira, president of Assoft, explains that companies are also asked to make a list of the software used on their equipment, with serial numbers and licenses assigned.

Manuel Cerqueira adds that this campaign has a high cost, of around 150 thousand euros, but says he expects a positive return from companies in terms of feedback.

The recipients of the letters were chosen at random among the 270 thousand Small and Medium Enterprises registered. Questioned by TeK, Manuel Cerqueira admits that the reply to the letter, which can be made to Assoft or PJ, is not mandatory since Assoft does not have the legal power to demand this data relationship.

The president of Assoft also guarantees that the association will not process the data collected in any database, but that it will simply archive them. However, it is considered positive for the companies themselves to take an inventory of their software and adds that in the last action of sending letters the response rate was 38 percent.

¬ęWe have the perception that there are many illegal companies¬Ľ, explains Manuel Cerqueira, justifying this action to raise awareness among companies. The head of the association stresses that it would be very positive if the rate of use of illegal software was reduced by 10 percent and cites figures from IDC that refer to losses of 600 million euros and 200 thousand jobs due to this problem.

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