Association collects one million dollars in damages for the use of illegal software

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The Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) added in December one of the highest values ‚Äč‚Äčever in compensation for the use of software illegal. The value of more than one million dollars received by the association results from a total of 11 legal actions brought by the organization after investigations that led to the conclusion that the companies concerned were using software illegal.

The association represents vendors of software and digital information service providers and takes actions to penalize the use of software illegal in the business segment, by entering into agreements with the target companies.

Many companies do not have adequate practices for the software¬ę, emphasizes Keith Kupferschmid, vice-president of the association that tries in this first approach to resolve the issue with companies in an illegal situation. When this first action does not result, the lawsuit continues and the costs to be borne by the companies are much higher, the statement said. .

The company most affected by SIIA’s shares was the American Petroleum Heat & Power of Stamford of Connecticut. This heating and cooling company was subject to a $ 218,000 fine for using software not legalized.

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