Associated Press signs with Technorati to facilitate access to blogs

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The Associated Press announced a partnership with Technorati through which the company that manages a search engine for blogs will perform searches on personal pages that cite news from the news agency.

After the search are created links, which the AP publishes with the original news in about 440 web sites belonging to AP Hosted News. In addition to the links, an information box will be created containing the five blogs most visited, an area that will be called Top Five Most Blogged About AP Stories.

All readers who click on links in question will be sent to a page shared by Technorati and AP, where all blogs whose posts include relevant information on the subject covered in the news.

According to the AP news, the revenues from this project will be shared by the two companies, although Kirstie Bourval, responsible for the news agency’s online news area, points out that the expected profits should not reach «much more than necessary to cover the project expenses «.

As part of another agreement, the Associated Press will assist the search engine, controlled by three media groups – Gannett, Knight Ridder and Tribune – in sending readers directly to the newspaper websites owned by those groups , whenever they serve as a source for news published by the AP.

It is recalled that Technorati already offers services similar to other publications, namely the Washington Post and Newsweek. According to the organization, a new one is created every second blog which joins the already existing 40.7 million, which makes the AP initiative an attempt to facilitate access to information.

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